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 Get to the heart of it. 

There's nothing like the power of a song to inspire people and give them a deeper understanding of what you're all about.

And when you and your team have actually participated in the process of creating the song, it will not only capture the subtleties of your message, it will also inspire your organization and your vision for years to come.

That's why the Lakes Animal Friendship Society asked professional songwriter Lowry Olafson to guide them through a ThemeShop songwriting session. The song they created together, "Teach My Person How to Love Me," has transformed their marketing and fundraising efforts.

"Lowry guided us through the creation of a song that resonates with people across cultures. Our song is being used for humane education and other animal welfare activities around the world - on at least four continents!

We continue to be overwhelmed with the response... We really can't say enough about it!"

– Valerie Ingram and Alistair Schroff,
Founders, Lakes Animal Friendship Society

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"Teach My Person How to Love Me"


A Theme song makes your message stick.

Your theme song will adds powerful emotional impact to: 

  • Marketing and promotion
  • Fundraising tools & events
  • Membership drives
  • Attracting new sponsorships
  • Legacy planning and bequest programs
  • Soundtrack for PowerPoints and videos

... After all, nothing sticks in your head like a song!

When New Vista Care Society started planning their new Legacy Planning Program, they knew they had to have a song that would touch people's hearts and have an impact beyond what two-dimensional graphics and a generic instrumental soundtrack could accomplish.

They decided that a ThemeShop session with Lowry would give them exactly what they were looking for. 

"The process was inspiring for the staff and Board. The song is catchy and moving… We are confident that it will help us in our legacy program."

– Carol Finnie, CEO, 
New Vista Care Society
Burnaby, BC


Reach a wider audience and deepen your impact

The Burnaby Public Library wanted to increase public awareness of their home library service... so they too enlisted Lowry Olafson to conduct one of his ThemeShop group songwriting sessions. 

And the song they wrote in three hours, "There's a Story at My Door," communicated their message in an unforgettable way. 

But it did so much more than that... 

It brought their staff, volunteers, and clients together to share an experience that deepened their understanding and dedication to the organization's goals in a way that will stay with them forever. 

Watch this Video to See the Process in Action
with the Burnaby Libraryto see how they did it

Photo: Ben Ged Low


Re-energize your team and articulate your vision 

When you book a ThemeShop session with Lowry, you will not only end up with a powerful marketing and fundraising tool, you will also...

  • Re-energize and inspire your team and community
  • Crystalize your vision
  • Heighten your understanding and appreciation for each other
  • Surprise and delight yourselves at your creative abilities
  • Have a ton of fun!

Innovative ways to use your song and spread your message

  • Promotional DVDs and CDs
  • Radio/TV Ads
  • Ring Tone for Your Phone
  • Personalize Your Voice Mail/”On Hold” Experience
  • Downloadable from Your Website
  • Enhance Your Live Events with Music


 What happens at a ThemeShop song-writing session?

  • Session is about 3 1/2 hours long for 2 to 25 participants. Tailored to fit.
  • No musical experience needed!
  • Brainstorming and collaboration specially designed to include every participant.
  • Original melody and words for every song facilitated by Lowry.
  • Your organization's original song is recorded to CD with Lowry, on-site.
  • Professional studio recording of your song available for promotional & other uses.


"To talk about what is really important and create a song ... about what matters to them and their organization."
– Reg Litz, Globe and Mail online



"As a brand strategist, launching a new brand for a client and securing the buy-in from their team can be challenging...

Having gone through it now, I can honestly say that in my 30-year career, I've never encountered anything like the ThemeShop.

My client was thrilled, their team came together and became invested. It was fantastic.

What an amazing experience!"

Adam Less
Propeller Brand


"Lowry is a fantastic facilitator – committed to ensure that this song represented ‘us’.

He encouraged everyone to participate and was able to shape the ideas into a beautiful song with words that will be used in our marketing going forward.

The other benefit was the positive effect it had on the team – a renewed sense of purpose and support for each other.

It caused us to step out of our everyday routine and ‘stop and think’ about what hospice is to us."

Wendy Marlow, Executive Director
Kamloops Hospice Society

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"Open Hearts and Caring Hands"

 Writing "Open Hearts and Caring Hands" at Kamloops Hospice

“My heart is bursting with appreciation and joy. I love the song we created and I loved the process.

Every single one of us, our thoughts and ideas, is represented in the final version of that song. It became so much more than I had hoped for.

Thank you Lowry for making the process so enjoyable and honouring each of us and our individual thoughts, feelings and intuitions.

It was a very special and tender

Judy Lynne, Founder
Neil Falkner Outward Bound Legacy

With some of the participants after writing "The Best Thing I Ever Did" for the Neil Falkner Outward Bound Legacy


Lakes Animal Friendship Society writing
"Teach My Person How to Love Me"

"Truly a magical afternoon of staff and volunteer bonding, creativity and connecting again to our organization and why we actually do what we do everyday… We can’t thank you enough for sharing your talent with us."

Susan Steen, Executive Director
Central Okanagan Hospice Association

, BC

Lillooet, BC's New Theme Song

Photo Copyright Lillooet News
Premiering the new Lillooet ThemeSong with five of the songwriters

"Fantastic, love it!! Hope everyone here in Lillooet learns it. Lillooet is such a beautiful place....and now it has it's very own song!!!

Anyone hearing this song from outside of Lillooet will be coming to see it ... great job.
It just could become a hit!"
– Lillooet citizen

"I was moved beyond words, how Lowry was able to in several hours manifest such a marvelous process and outcome [and]transform a new group into a wonderfully creative force.

Together we produced passionate and deeply moving lyrics for 
Living Big Retreats

Suzanne Kyra, CEO
Living Big Retreats

Team Building ThemeShop Vancouver BC
Photo: Dave Allen

"The Themeshop was perfect for our business.  Lowry has a special gift to make us think, draw out the best in us, and aspire to be more of who we are. 

I recommend this workshop to any business that wants to pull their team together – to focus on who they are, what they do and what they are really about.

Susan Ferron, Owner
InSightful Visions, Sechelt, BC

“It was a great way to end our retreat and solidify the bonding… created an atmosphere of sharing a common goal.

It’s always difficult to encourage input from members when it’s in a ‘business setting’ and feeling like we have to work at it.  The Theme Song was so much more than this, much more fun and interactive.

The experience itself gets everyone involved…brought us closer together…building a strong team spirit.”

Deb Sneddon, President
Arbutus Chorus
Sunshine Coast Sweet Adelines

 "An unforgettable afternoon that strengthened our connectedness and got us thinking in ways we had never imagined. Best of all, the song we created together still continues to inspire us in our work."

– Dana Rose, Program Coordinator,
North Delta Family Resource Centre, 
Boys and Girls Club Community Service


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